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Neon Signs are a dramatic, eye-catching and effective way to get your business noticed.Read more.
When you need maximum Impact, wide format printing gives the ability to produce massive prints.Read more.
We have a vast data base of Safety Signs available. In all sizes and materials to suit application.Read more.
Billboards impact our mobile population. Billboard signs offer month-long presence.Read more.

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Customer Focus

We are committed to a proactive approach to meeting customer�s needs in a responsible, accountable and efficient manner. We take pride in serving our customers in a professional manner and we aim at excellence in all aspects of the company. We are not a �big� company. In fact, we take pride in being �small�. Being �small� enables us to have a very personal and hands on relationship with our customers. This allows for good communication which, we believe, is a necessary priority in the signage industry.


Neon Design and its employees understand the importance of communicating regularly amongst ourselves and with our clients to ensure customer and company needs are being met.


We understand that our success depends on our employees. Our employees take pride in their work, their company and themselves. This creates a dynamic environment where everybody understands that they must work together as a team towards fulfilling company and individual goals.


We highly encourage creativity amongst our staff and also encourage them to give maximum attention to consistency and detail.

Honesty and Integrity

We demand the highest level of honesty and integrity from ourselves and our staff. Neon Design will conduct business in a fair and honest manner, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Social Responsibility

Acknowledging that we are part of the community we live in, we value our active participation within our community.


Neon Design will always strive to grow by staying current in our industry. We will continue to research and add new products to satisfy our customer�s needs. Employees will work to develop their skills while adapting to changes in technology, procedures and regulations.